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New Stidham Saddlery Shop

On today’s podcast we’re with Jasmin Stidham of Stidham Outfitters in Johnson City, Texas (pop. 1,656).


Stidham Outfitters started in 2014 when Jasmin and her husband Seth opened a brick and mortar to sell home goods, gifts and apparel — including Seth’s handmade leather goods.




Jasmin shares about the importance of building relationships, their focus on quality, American-made products, and creating a unique experience for their customers. We also talk about how their business has evolved over the years and how they’re now shifting their focus to better fit their passions.

Link to the podcast

Something that will impress you about this interview is how Jasmin and Seth are taking the risk to shift their business and embrace change. We’re so excited about what’s ahead for these two, and they’re going to be sharing more and more with you about what’s to come over the next weeks and months, so be sure to go give them a follow!